Information about Writers for the Future

Writers for the Future conference was held at Noosa, Australia in April 2003 and ran until March 2005. It’s purpose was to discover pioneering ways of writing by means of the internet and to give criteria for paramount practice rising field of new media writing.

New media writing cannot be read like a book. It is non-linear, often contains images and sounds as well as text, and must be read on a computer. Narratives frequently have no ending or many endings. Poems tumble and re-form before your eyes. Programs generate stories from your random words. Much of it is collaborative. Often it is hypertextual - if you’ve ever surfed the web and clicked on a hyperlink you have already navigated hypertext. And once you’ve learned to read new media writing, you can also learn to make it.

This challenging action research project includes:

  • A Digital Writer-in-Residence creating innovative literature online
  • A Digital Teacher-in-Residence developing new media writing in the classroom
  • A Teachers’ Portal providing curriculum resources and support
  • A Residential Workshop introducing writers to technique and appreciation
  • An Online Workshop providing resources, training, support and inspiration
  • An Archive of new media writing developed at trAce since 1995